About Six Yards of Finery

Six Yards of Finery is for the thinking woman.

A woman who embraces her roots and cares about modern and tasteful living.

This platform is for those women who like to make tasteful choices for herself and her home.

For those who are and want to be confident, authoritative powerful and classy in her own way.

She makes conscious choices. For her family and her community.    

For the planet and the people in it.

She is willing to learn and unlearn.

She wants to thrive, not just survive.

She is trying to break the conditioning she has received all her life.

She is me and she is you.

Ladies. Homemakers. Office-bearers. Boss ladies.          

A little bit about me.

I am from Bombay aka Mumbai (yes, I still say Bombay).

I head a start-up Advertising Company as its CMO.

In my career of 20 years, I have handled more than 40 brands having worked in several large and reputed Advertising Companies.

I am, have and will always be crazy about Advertising and Communication. Brands and their storytelling.

This place is about love. Love for life. And for living.