Rulers in Six Yards

Supriya Sule - with Sharad Pawar


Happy Independence Day to all. Keeping up with the mood of today – Independence Day, weekend, and given that this is the year that we have seen maximum change in our lives, economy, world climate, and so on that I thought I’d write on a subject that binds us all together with Six Yards of Finery.

Plus, the recent dialogues on the internet regarding National Handloom Day and the abolishment of the All India Handloom Board has led to quite a few factions amongst textile enthusiasts.

Saving my political opinion for later, I can, say this much that as a woman and a business head of a company, that the world can get unkind on many occasion.

And I particularly get impressed by women who choose to be in the land of politics – it requires mettle of a different kind. I really don’t know how they do it – perhaps its training (for a few of them), perhaps it is sheer determination – which is even more admirable, and perhaps it’s both. All in all, these women I love, for various reasons. Especially how they look graceful, elegant, powerful and authoritative, all at the same time.

Supriya Sule – Trained to be in the unforgiving terrain by her very seasoned and powerful father, Sharad Pawar, Supriya Sule is a firebrand. The politician to watch out for, who could be heading the country one day, I totally love her no-nonsense and feisty attitude. She is eloquent, as she is headstrong. And to top it all, she has a sense of humour – which is so critical these days! Recall the comment she made a few years ago that “In Parliament, we don’t discuss issues, we discuss sarees”.  Although, she received a lot of flak for these comments, but seriously…isn’t a politician allowed to have fun? And why shouldn’t she, when she clearly looks so stunning in it.  

Brinda Karat – There is an air of sophistication about Brinda Karat. Her eloquence is as sophisticated as her attire. The big red bindi is reminder of her Bongness. Handloom cottons paired with silver jewelry and big red bindi is a combination I love and follow. Watch her film Amu for her natural histrionics and of course her taste is sarees. Let her pictures do the talking.

Dimple Yadav – Wife of former CM of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav, Dimple Yadav is a silent worker and follower. Her simplicity and her calm persona speak oodles of the fact that you don’t have to shout to be heard. From a meek voice to a public speaker, Dimple Yadav has transformed herself into a politician. A face of the new-age woman, she is what her party needs, to stay relevant and to adopt new ways to connect with the masses. In various political rallies, she does not just deliver a speech, she converses and engages with people.

Priyanka Gandhi – (aka Priyanka Gandhi Vadra) From the most formidable family of India, she is at the centre of it all. Her saree style is effortless, as clearly she is inspired by her Grandmother and her Mother. An exquisite textile with a stunning border, a well fitted blouse is all that is needed to feel empowered and Priyanka Gandhi struts ever so powerfully and elegantly. The only one to sport an inverted bob, it shows that she wants to emulate her grandmother in more than one way.

Rashmi Thackeray – Though not an office bearer, Rashmi Thackeray’s pleasing and affable personality is what gets her friends in high places – (except that her husband is the one in high place) Rashmi Thackeray’s choice of sarees is not governed by the cotton aesthetic. Her Kanjeevarams and Benarasis exemplify her elite status.

I want to close this blog by saying that sarees wield power. If you are just beginning to wear sarees, I would recommend you look at these women for inspiration.