Unabashedly and Brazenly Shmruthi

The Travel junkie in a Saree

The Saree is the traditional garment of 6 countries in the world- India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and to a certain extent, in Myanmar.

And immigrant population in USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia are seeing a host of NRIs who wear the saree gleefully and with pride.

They are unabashedly flaunting it and do not fear to stick it out.

The Saree needs to earn a place in the International fashion scene as well. While the Sikhs sport their turban, the Muslims their hijab, and the Brits, their skirts and dresses, the saree, which is graduating from being traditional to contemporary is not a seen as an eye-sore anymore.

I am embarking on a series on this blog – a 6-part series on NRIs I love and admire for a host of reasons. These women have inspired me and motivated me (to a point of envying too)…

A compilation of sorts – of thinking women in the Global space who are sporting the saree and normalizing it on a day in day out basis. Making a difference in their own special way.

Shmruthi aka @brazenlybrown

Just having moved from Down Under, and now in Singapore, but firmly rooted and grounded, she is an epitome of body positivity. Her claim to fame is that she has travelled 30 countries in a saree (isn’t that enviable?!)

Work and studies took her to various parts of Europe and the six yards are her way of sticking to her home, her roots.

Shmruthi Gowrishankar

She is consistently building her brand via Instagram, Medium, Linked in and other social media platforms.

I was fortunate to interact with her when I was engaging in #sareeexchange with fellow instagrammers as a way to expand my weave repertoire and also promoting sustainability in the same breath. (More on that in my next post).

She and I exchanged a saree from each other’s wardrobe – something that neither of us had. Her energy is infectious, and her positivity is attractive.

I have always wondered how she gets that right expression, right pose and angle…the secret is that she her photographer husband who knows how to picture her perfectly.

I cannot imagine her to speak a rude word to anyone.

We need more women like her who celebrate themselves in a saree – paving the way for the millennials. Here are a few pictures of her for you…

Shmruthi aka @branzenlybrown
Shmruthi in the rural parts of Slovenia